Parent-focused sexual abuse prevention: Results from a cluster randomized controlled trial

<jats:p> This study tested whether a child sexual abuse (CSA) prevention program, Smart Parents–Safe and Healthy Kids (SPSHK), could be implemented as an additional module in evidence-based parent training and whether the added module might detract from the efficacy of the original program. In a cluster randomized trial, six community-based organizations were randomized to deliver Parents as Teachers (PAT) with SPSHK (PAT+SPSHK) or PAT as usual (PAT-AU). CSA-related awareness and protective behaviors, as well as general parenting behaviors taught by PAT were assessed at baseline, post-PAT, post-SPSHK, and 1-month follow-up. Multilevel analyses revealed significant group by time interactions for both awareness and behaviors ( ps < .0001), indicating the PAT+SPSHK group had significantly greater awareness of CSA and used protective behaviors more often (which were maintained at follow-up) compared to the PAT-AU group. No differences were observed in general parenting behaviors taught by PAT suggesting adding SPHSK did not interfere with PAT efficacy as originally designed. Results indicate adding SPHSK to existing parent training can significantly enhance parents’ awareness of and readiness to engage in protective behavioral strategies. Implementing SPHSK as a selective prevention strategy with at-risk parents receiving parent training through child welfare infrastructures is discussed. /jats:p

Guastaferro, Parent-Focused Sexual Abuse Prevention: Results From a Cluster Randomized Trial, 'Child Maltreatment' (, ) pp. 107755952096387. Copyright © 2020. DOI: 10.1177/1077559520963870. Users who receive access to an article through a repository are reminded that the article is protected by copyright and reuse is restricted to non-commercial and no derivative uses. Users may also download and save a local copy of an article accessed in an institutional repository for the user's personal reference. For permission to reuse an article, please follow our Process for Requesting Permission.



Work Title Parent-focused sexual abuse prevention: Results from a cluster randomized controlled trial
Open Access
  1. Kate Guastaferro
  2. John M. Felt
  3. Sarah A. Font
  4. Christian M. Connell
  5. Sheridan Miyamoto
  6. Kathleen M. Zadzora
  7. Jennie G. Noll
License CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 (Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives)
Work Type Article
  1. SAGE Publications
Publication Date October 7, 2020
Publisher Identifier (DOI)
  1. 10.1177/1077559520963870
  1. Child Maltreatment
Deposited September 09, 2021




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