PaLRaP: Developing a Peer-Reviewed Open Access Journal for Pennsylvania Librarians

Presented at the Promoting Scholarly Communication through Open Access Journals conference in Brockport, NY.

In 2012, the College and Research Division of the Pennsylvania Library Association and the University Library System E-Journal Publishing Program of the University of Pittsburgh joined together to find a way to more effectively highlight and share librarians’ scholarly and professional work. This effort has resulted in Pennsylvania Libraries: Research & Practice (PaLRaP ), a peer-reviewed, open access journal for Pennsylvania library and information professionals.

Editors of the journal will discuss the development of PaLRaP from initial concept to first issue and provide details of interest to anyone wanting to establish a new open access publication. Audience members will learn about the process of defining the journal’s focus and scope and the need to recruit volunteers to serve as section editors, peer-reviewers, and authors. Presenters will also address challenges along the way and share some future plans for the journal. The editorial team is currently pursuing new opportunities, such as rolling issues, more sophisticated statistics and usage measures, the ability to accept payments and donations, and opportunities for print on demand.



Work Title PaLRaP: Developing a Peer-Reviewed Open Access Journal for Pennsylvania Librarians
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  1. Barnett, John
  2. Reinsfelder, Thomas
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  2. Pennsylvania Library Association
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Publication Date 2014
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