Mapping Intercropping Research

The purpose of this project was to create a map of intercropping research sites around the globe using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology, with the intention of publishing it online as a tool for researchers and farmers internationally. Using the mapping service Mapbox, a marker was placed at locations where intercropping research occurred, along with a brief description of that research. Once a basic map was complete, the next step was to refine it into a more user-friendly version. The refining goals included highlighting certain countries at specific zoom levels and revealing the place markers at other zoom levels, refining the format of the research descriptions into a reader-friendly format, and placing links to source papers in the research descriptions. To achieve these goals, it was necessary to learn how to use Mapbox Studio, modify the research descriptions using html code, and search for geographic files such as kml files and shapefiles that are compatible with Mapbox Studio. Learning to use Mapbox Studio also required learning new skills, such as how to work with CartoCSS, a cartographic code used in the Mapbox Studio baselayer maps, how to download and manipulate kml and shapefiles in Mapbox Studio, and how to upload and use map layers from Mapbox Studio in the Mapbox Editor.



Work Title Mapping Intercropping Research
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  1. Smith, Judith Grace
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