Daily self-weighing and weight gain prevention: a longitudinal study of college-aged women

Daily self-weighing has been suggested as an important factor for weight loss maintenance among samples with obesity. This study is a secondary analysis that examined daily self-weighing in association with weight and body composition outcomes over 2 years among young women with vulnerability for weight gain. Women (N = 294) of varying weight status completed self-weighing frequency questionnaires and weight was measured in the clinic at baseline, 6 months, 1, and 2 years; DXA scans were completed at baseline, 6 months and 2 years. Multilevel models examined the relationship between daily self-weighing (at any point in the study) and trajectories of BMI and body fat percentage. Daily self-weighing was associated with significant declines in BMI and body fat percent over time. Future research is needed to examine causal relations between daily self-weighing and weight gain prevention. Nonetheless, these data extend the possibility that daily self-weighing may be important for prevention of unwanted weight gain.



Work Title Daily self-weighing and weight gain prevention: a longitudinal study of college-aged women
Open Access
  1. Diane L. Rosenbaum
  2. Hallie M. Espel
  3. Meghan L. Butryn
  4. Fengqing Zhang
  5. Michael R. Lowe
  1. Self-weighing
  2. Weight change
  3. Body fat change
  4. Longitudinal
  5. Obesity prevention
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Work Type Article
  1. Journal of Behavioral Medicine
Publication Date July 8, 2017
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  1. https://doi.org/10.1007/s10865-017-9870-y
Deposited August 01, 2022




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