Improving cervical cancer screening rates: a scoping review of resources and interventions

Introduction: Cervical cancer mortality can be prevented through early detection with screening methods such as Pap and high-risk human papillomavirus (hrHPV) tests; however, only 81% of women aged 21–65 are up-to-date on screening. Many interventions to increase cervical cancer screening have been implemented, but there is limited understanding about which intervention components are most successful. Methods: We conducted a scoping review of existing literature and available resources for cervical cancer screening interventions to identify gaps in the research. We used t tests and correlations to identify associations among intervention components and effect sizes. Results: Out of nine studies, the mean overall effect size for interventions was 11.3% increase in Pap testing for cervical cancer screening (range = − 4–24%). Interventions that included community health workers or one-on-one interaction had the biggest effect size (p < 0.05). No associations with effect size were noted for literacy level, number of intervention components, or targeting by race/ethnicity. Conclusions: Future interventions may include educational sessions with community health workers or one-on-one patient interaction to improve cervical cancer screening. Further research is needed to establish effect sizes for large-scale interventions and hrHPV screening interventions.

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Work Title Improving cervical cancer screening rates: a scoping review of resources and interventions
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  1. M. L. Popalis
  2. Sarah I. Ramirez
  3. K. M. Leach
  4. M. E. Granzow
  5. K. C. Stoltzfus
  6. Jennifer Moss
  1. Cervical cancer
  2. Early detection of cancer
  3. Program evaluation
  4. Review
  5. Evidence-based medicine
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  1. Cancer Causes and Control
Publication Date August 18, 2022
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