When the Library Roars: Tinnitus and the Tortured Patron - PREPUBLICATION VERSION

Most university libraries are dedicated to aiding people with disabilities or special needs, including the deaf or hearing impaired. However, there are people who suffer from tinnitus – a malady that causes a ringing, buzzing, or other sounds in their heads that can not only interfere with hearing, as the deaf or hearing impaired, but causes other problems for the sufferer. Too often, people with tinnitus are grouped together with the deaf or hearing impaired by librarians, and the special considerations necessary to make tinnitus sufferers fully functional information seekers are either overlooked or not known. This paper discusses the problems tinnitus causes to people and makes several suggestions to librarians unfamiliar of this plight to aid the sufferer. Published in Journal of Access Services v.15:4 (2018), pp. 184-191.



Work Title When the Library Roars: Tinnitus and the Tortured Patron - PREPUBLICATION VERSION
Open Access
  1. Masuchika, Glenn
  1. Tinnitus, hearing impairment, disabilities, disability awareness, disabilities services in libraries, access to information, access services, user services, deaf and hard of hearing
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Deposited February 26, 2020




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