Mountain Lion North and South America MAFFT alignment file

The five complete mtDNA genome sequences obtained as part of this study were compared to previously published mitochondrial DNA sequences for modern populations of mountain lions in the Western U.S. and Florida along with those in South America. Sequences were obtained from Genbank and provided by Culver et al., who only sequenced the 16s rRNA, ATPase8, and NADH dehydrogenase subunit 5 (NAD5) gene regions. Sequences were aligned using MAFFT version 7 default settings with the E-INS-i iterative refinement method, which is best for a small number of sequences with multiple conserved domains and large gaps, and verified visually.

Culver, M., Johnson, W. E., Pecon-Slattery, J. & O’Brien, S. J. Genomic ancestry of the American puma (Puma concolor). J. Hered. 91, 186–97 (2000).



Work Title Mountain Lion North and South America MAFFT alignment file
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  1. Evanitsky, Maya Nicole
  1. mountain lions, nittany lion, mitochondrial DNA, genomic data, puma concolor
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