Making a Difference Through Video: Child Sexual Abuse, Children's Advocacy Centers, & The Community

Making a Difference Through Video: Child Sexual Abuse, Children’s Advocacy Centers, & The Community explores the concept of reframing a community’s thoughts and actions towards child sexual abuse prevention and education, instead of believing that child sexual abuse is inevitable. Through this creative final project, I created a series of short-form videos for the Lancaster County Children's Alliance, the Children's Advocacy Center for Lancaster County (PA), accredited by the National Children's Alliance. The Center brings together child abuse professionals who support the needs of child victims and non-offending family members. It is essential that the videos vary in length and communicative angles to increase shareability and reach. Depending on the content of each video, the videos could link to additional social feeds, resources, and community events or experiences being offered. By educating the communities about prevention, intervention, and treatment, Children's Advocacy Centers, like the Lancaster County Children's Alliance, address the horrific reality of child sexual abuse. It is time to stop thinking that the responsibility solely relies on the parents to prevent their children from being harmed. We need to reframe this idea and shift our mindset that a safe childhood is an adult's responsibility - a community's responsibility.



Work Title Making a Difference Through Video: Child Sexual Abuse, Children's Advocacy Centers, & The Community
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  1. Kayla Marie Schneider
  2. Emily Mross
  1. child sexual abuse
  2. CSA
  3. child sexual abuse survivor
  4. victim
  5. Lancaster County
  6. Pennsylvania
  7. child abuse
  8. sexual violence
  9. National Children's Alliance
  10. Lancaster County Children's Alliance
  11. LCCA
  12. CAC
  13. Children's Advocacy Center
  14. adult's responsibility
  15. community's responsibility
  16. education
  17. prevention
  18. awareness
  19. advocacy
  20. framing theory
  21. reframing
  22. short-form videos
  23. childhood
  24. victim advocate
  25. family advocate
  26. volunteer
  27. forensic interview
  28. forensic medical exam
License CC BY 4.0 (Attribution)
Work Type Masters Culminating Experience
  1. Catherine Rios
Publication Date 2022
DOI doi:10.26207/dx9b-1d66
Deposited May 04, 2022




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