Workplace Information Literacy: A Crucial Component of Lifelong Learning

Information literacy is a well-established topic in librarianship. However, far too often we treat it as if it exists only in an academic setting. Information literacy is a fluid concept that changes based on the information environment in which a person finds herself. This presentation will discuss the contextual nature of information literacy with a focus on workplace and educational settings. This will also incorporate preliminary results from a research study in which Penn State alumni were interviewed regarding their experience with information literacy in their undergraduate career and their day-to-day work.

Presented at the PA Forward Information Literacy Summit



Work Title Workplace Information Literacy: A Crucial Component of Lifelong Learning
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  1. Hall, Russell
  1. information literacy
  2. Workplace information literacy
  3. contextual learning
  4. lifelong learning
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Publication Date July 21, 2016
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  1. University Park, Pennsylvania, United States
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