Bauhaus/Dream House

The Uncharted Surrealism of Photography at the Bauhaus complicates the oft-repeated, separate histories told of Surrealist photography and photography produced at the Bauhaus, devoid of intersection or overlap. It is the aim of Bauhaus/Dream House to draw connections between the parallel accounts of Bauhaus and Surrealist photography via a large-scale formal analysis. The dataset logs, documents, and stores metadata on 671 photographs reproduced between two canonical texts on the material: L’Amour fou: photography and surrealism from 1985, with essays by Rosalind Krauss, Jane Livingston, and Dawn Ades, and Photography at the Bauhaus, edited by Jeanine Fiedler for the Bauhaus-Archiv and published by MIT Press in 1990.



Work Title Bauhaus/Dream House
Subtitle The Uncharted Surrealism of Photography at the Bauhaus
Open Access
  1. Mongelluzzo, Keri L.
  1. art history
  2. Bauhaus
  3. data
  4. surrealism
  5. photography
License CC BY 4.0 (Attribution)
Work Type Dataset
Deposited November 29, 2017




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