Latent Class Causal Analysis (LCCA) Package for R

This R package was developed by the Methodology Center to allow R users to perform latent class causal analysis (LCCA), latent class analysis (LCA), and LCA with covariates. LCA describes relationships among a set of categorical variables by assuming that they are conditionally independent given an unobserved categorical variable. The lcca.r package uses imputing estimating equations to estimate the average causal effects of a latent exposure (i.e., latent class) on a normally-distributed outcome variable. LCCA combines aspects of latent class analysis with Rubin's causal model (Rubin, 1974; 2005).



Work Title Latent Class Causal Analysis (LCCA) Package for R
Open Access
Creators The Methodology Center, Penn State
Version number 1
Keyword latent class analysis; R; latent class causal analysis
License All rights reserved
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Publication Date 2013
DOI doi:10.26207/2qv7-7j70
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