Kind, Loyal, and True? Examining Distinctions in the "Warmth" Dimension of the Stereotype Content Model

Stereotype Content Model (SCM) notes two main trait dimensions from which an individual perceives an out-group: warmth and competence. The warmth dimension focuses on the perceived beneficence of a group and is associated with characteristics like kindness and trustworthiness. These characteristics have distinctions and should one of them be made salient over others, the warmth dimension of the SCM may not be fully representative of what an individual believes about the given group. To study this further, data from two focus groups (n=18), which were part of a previous study on public views of individuals within the criminal justice system, was qualitatively coded to find distinctions between characteristics associated with warmth: kindness, trustworthiness, and loyalty. It was found that when speaking about persons involved in the criminal justice system, participants saw those individuals as low in kindness and trustworthiness but high in loyalty. These distinctions may have a great impact on perceptions of warmth for outgroups. While loyalty is considered a characteristic of warmth, it may not be as closely associated with the trait as kindness. This ordering of characteristics may have an impact on how the warmth trait is studied within SCM research as a whole.



Work Title Kind, Loyal, and True? Examining Distinctions in the "Warmth" Dimension of the Stereotype Content Model
Open Access
  1. Samantha Leigh Nelson
  2. Candalyn B Rade
  1. Undergraduate Research Award: Excellence in Information Literacy
  2. Stereotype content model
  3. criminal justice
  4. public opinion
License CC BY 4.0 (Attribution)
Work Type Poster
Publication Date 2021
Deposited May 17, 2021




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