This Is Not Enough. We Can Do Better.

From its outset, academic publishing has failed to offer a level playing field for authors. The largest analysis of scholarly output ever conducted, examining cross-disciplinary content spanning five centuries found both that women accounted for only 22 percent of published authors and that, in multiauthored articles, they were also underrepresented in the first and final author positions.1 In the United States, in addition to the gender challenge, institutional affiliation can unduly influence the publication pipeline, privileging authors from the most prestigious institutions and reducing opportunities for scholars from those that are less-renowned, who nonetheless also must publish or perish. Going a step further, colleagues at institutions abroad often find a still higher bar as they struggle to publish in English. Submissions from these authors may face yet another hurdle if the peer-review process does not provide a mechanism for anonymity or encouragement. Discrimination is multidimensional and insidious.



Work Title This Is Not Enough. We Can Do Better.
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  1. Marianne Ryan
  2. Ellysa S Cahoy
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Publication Date September 1, 2020
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