Short Paper, Dermatomyositis Case Study, Spring 2015

It is important to study disorders with limited knowledge of their etiologies and treatments, such as Dermatomyositis, so that preventative measures and effective care plans can be developed. This paper approaches the analysis of this disorder through conducting research on previous studies and literature, followed by the discussion of a case study and treatment options. The purpose of the case study is to investigate pre-diagnosis lifestyle and genetic factors, as well as conditions post-diagnosis of a patient with Dermatomyositis. Developing this information will allow for comparisons to be made between patients diagnosed with the disease, and hopefully provide a greater insight to the disorder.

Disclaimer The purpose of this sample case study is to fulfill the course requirements for BBH 411W at The Pennsylvania State University and to stand as a personal writing sample. The findings of this writing sample should not be treated as generalizable research.



Work Title Short Paper, Dermatomyositis Case Study, Spring 2015
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