BDACA: Big Data Access Control Architecture

There have been a wide variety of new technologies emerging in recent times. Businesses sometimes are often eager to integrate new technologies in the hopes of making day-to-day operations better and more efficient. One of the most relevant new technologies today is Big Data. Unfortunately, like a vast majority of new technologies, there are issues and concerns that come with Big Data. Some of the main issues include the areas of infrastructure security, data privacy, data management, and integrity and reactive security. In this paper, we will be focusing on the area of data privacy, more specifically, access control. Access control is a vital part of Big Data. It is very important in protecting people’s data. Allowing the wrong individual(s) or organization(s) to be able to have access to sensitive data can not be allowed. Big Data contains a vast amount of data on a large number of individuals, it is critical for security to be the top priority. Allowing the security and privacy of the data gathered could be catastrophic. This is even more significant due to the personal information of members within organizations being part of this data. For security purposes, access control is one of the most basic and traditional techniques. Currently, there are only the most basic forms of access control for Big Data. These forms of access control work under some conditions, but for Big Data it is not able to function properly. This is why access control is a big security threat to data privacy. To combat these security issues, new, more complex methods for access control must be implemented. Our architecture uses two-factor authentication combined with a one-time-key to create our access control architecture. We hope to explain our new architecture throughout this paper.



Work Title BDACA: Big Data Access Control Architecture
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  1. M. Naveed Mukadam
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Publication Date April 10, 2021
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