Ok, Doomer

Privacy literacy instruction often explores difficult topics, including pervasive surveillance, social engineering, information asymmetries, and the control paradox, as well as the disparate impact these phenomena can have on already vulnerable people and populations. The current reality of privacy and ubiquitous surveillance architecture can engender feelings of powerlessness, despair, and nihilism in students and library instructors alike. Privacy literacy teaching practices can facilitate resilience and creativity in the face of what theorist Zuboff terms ‘inevitabilism.’ This lightning talk will present six online resources that can be incorporated into privacy literacy instruction to enable active learning and to lighten the mood through gamification, simulation, and satire. Embedded into opportunities for student participation, such as reflection or discussion, these ready-made learning materials also reduce the need for developing original privacy literacy learning objects.



Work Title Ok, Doomer
Subtitle Privacy Instruction Strategies to Lighten the Mood - and Your Workload
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  1. Sarah Hartman-Caverly
  2. Alexandria Edyn Chisholm
  1. privacy
  2. privacy literacy
  3. privacy instruction
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  1. Tessa Eberlein
  2. Destiny Taylor
  3. Emely Astacio
Publication Date May 2021
DOI doi:10.26207/5mq6-1y46
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Deposited May 13, 2021




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