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User Support

If you need to report a problem using ScholarSphere, or would like to request service assistance, consultation, or share feedback, please use the following contact options:

Support Hours

Frequently Asked Questions

Using the ScholarSphere Service

Who can use ScholarSphere?

Does it cost anything to upload to ScholarSphere?

What can I deposit into ScholarSphere?

Can I use ScholarSphere for managing my data, to comply with data management plan (DMP) requirements?

I'm interested in uploading my articles to ScholarSphere make it open access. How do I know what I can upload?

Does ScholarSphere track downloads?

What happens to my files in ScholarSphere after I leave Penn State?

Uploading Files to ScholarSphere

How large can a file be to be uploaded to ScholarSphere?

How large a file can I upload via Dropbox and Box (cloud providers)?

What if I have a file larger than 5 GB or many files to upload?

What's the difference between ScholarSphere and cloud services like Dropbox and Box?

Are there limits to how much I can deposit into ScholarSphere?


Works and Collections

What is a work and what is a collection?

You can think of a work as a single functional unit. Just like a book might have many pages all of which are need for the book to make sense, a work can have many files, all of which are required for the work to function properly.

collection is a just that. A collection of works, but the collections functionality isn't dependent on any single work in the collection existing. A collection will typically be organized around some theme or characteristics, but it isn't necessary.