I want to pursue my passion for music and explore my musical gifts, but I desire to learn and study here where I share a similar worldview and philosophy with my teachers and fellow students. Why is it that our Christian school doesn‘t have a music program?‖ – Sophomore at Christian high school. ―Music is a core component of our faith. Why are we not putting our time and resources into our music program as well as our other courses?‖ -- Christian school teacher. ―We are paying thousands of dollars a year for our student to attend a ‗Suburban‘ Christian School because we believe in the mission and vision of the school. But we are disturbed about the lack of quality in the music program. Are the teachers trained and certified in music education?‖ -- Christian school parent. ―We have a student body of 250 students, but there is no instrumental music program. How do I start something like this?‖ -- Christian secondary school administrator. As a music teacher with nine years of experience and a music education workshop presenter at a prominent Christian school teacher‘s convention, I heard these questions on a regular basis. Coming from a musically rich area of Pennsylvania, I paused to consider the condition of music education in our state and in surrounding areas. Informal conversations with teachers from Christian schools in the Mid-Atlantic region revealed a very diverse and often happenstance approach to music education. These experiences prompted me to engage in this study. I began a search for articles and studies related to music education practices in Christian schools and found that, as much as music is a core component to the Christian faith, the state of music education in Christian education was largely unknown. Music is a foundational ingredient in the typical American lifestyle. It is difficult to avoid music in American culture, and because of the great emphasis on music in our world, music instruction is an essential part of our education system. Music is also a foundational ingredient to the Christian culture, not just in America, but around the world. Based on Biblical truths, music is a required part of a Christian lifestyle and a gift that will be used for all eternity. Therefore, it seems music education should be an area of priority in the Christian school curriculum.

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