Silurian Sediments and Relationships at Susquehanna Gap in Blue or Kittatinnny Mountain, Five Miles North of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Public

Contribution No.003 from Department of Geology

Revised from Guide Leaflet distributed at Fourteenth Annual Field Conference of Pennsylvania Geologists, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, May 28-30, 1948. Reissued September 25, i958, with Appendix I, Description of Susquehanna Gap Section. The Silurian ptrata at Susquehaiina Gap in Blue or Kittatinny Mountain, five miles north of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, constitute a 2500- foot succession of near-sourcp sediments, deposited in the general region of outflow of a major river sytem that brought great floods of clay, sand and gravel from the easterly oldrlands known as Appalachia. Following a general review of the geologic setting of the Susquehanna Gap area, the Susquehanna Gap section will be briefly summarized, and attention then will be given to the characteristics, regional relationships and changing paleogeography of accumulation of the Silurian and associated Upper Ordovician and Middle Devonian sediments. A more complete description of the section at the Gap is given in Appendix I.



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