TMI@35 conference program brochure with documentary: The Three Mile Island Nuclear Crisis 1979 in Perspective - Analyses, Stories, Policies Public

This brochure includes the program and speaker bios for the TMI@35 conference, as well as a listing of select documentary sources. This two-day conference that was extensively covered in the news re-examined the lessons learned from the historic Three Mile Island nuclear crisis of March 1979 -- and answered important questions about how TMI set a precedent for nuclear security and safety, how it informed research, and how the event provided a catalyst for social change. The conference also examined the management of complex catastrophic events today. What does such management look like in the era of Homeland Security? TMI@35 featured experts from Penn State Faculty, external experts and stakeholders, historic personalities, and eyewitnesses. In total, the conference hosted 36 speakers from 8 U.S. states and 3 countries. It was organized by the School of Public Affairs, Chair of Homeland Security, in collaboration with other schools and units of Penn State Harrisburg and Penn State. It was open to the public and included a total of 150 participants.

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