GSA Penrose/AGU Chapman Conference Abstract & Poster (2013) - Course-Embedded Undergraduate Projects to Increase Public Awareness of Impacts on Coastal Environments Public

Undergraduate students can be effective communicators of processes, issues and challenges in the coastal environment. Even at an introductory-level, students can utilize their basic content knowledge and share their learning with the campus and greater community. Projects embedded in undergraduate courses shared outside of the classroom not only reinforce learning, but can satisfy the civic engagement mission of the university and improve the scientific literacy of the students as future citizens, whether they pursue a science major or not. Example service learning projects to teach youth about coastal issues include writing educational letters for kids for Camp Fire USA’s Absolutely Incredible Kid Day, and hosting Girl Scout Badge Day programs teaching oceanographic content. College/adult programs include hosting campus panel discussions and debates, and creating social media campaigns and a podcasting series communicating coastal issues.

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