Reducing Mental Illness Stigma through Outreach Programming in Libraries Public

In Fall 2016, we surveyed 550 academic librarians who subscribed to the following ALA listservs: College Libraries (collib), Reference and User Services (rusa), ili (instruction section), ULS (University Library Services). Survey questions primarily focused on how librarians experience mental illness stigma in their workplace. We also collected data about librarian's training in mental health. This poster is an exploration of the trainings librarians have received, the kinds of programs we have coordinated, and the ways we can make our communities less stigmatizing to those patrons seeking help.

Burns, E. M., & Green, K. E. C. (2018, October). Reducing mental illness stigma through outreach programming. Poster session presented as the Pennsylvania Library Association 2018 Conference: Moving PA Forward, Harrisburg, PA.


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