Analysis_of_Low_Frequency_Passive_Radiator_and_Ported_Systems_in_a_Spherical_Loudspeaker_Enclosure.pdf Public

The main goal of this study was to fabricate a cost-effective low frequency physical representation (i.e. a loudspeaker) of the theoretical formulation for a spherical cap set in a rigid sphere and subsequently compare the acoustic characteristics (i.e. directivity, sound pressure level, etc.) governed by the theory with experimental measurements. Computational multi-domain modeling was utilized to predict loudspeaker system performance where the theoretical formulation was insufficient (i.e. electrical impedance). A combined analysis utilizing the theoretical formulation and multi-domain modeling offers a broader understanding for assessing loudspeaker system performance. Various methods for improving low-frequency performance of a base loudspeaker design are implemented via a modular design concept and are further assessed in this study by utilizing multi-domain modeling via the Simscape (MathWorks) platform