High Ranking Women Coping With Occupational Stress Public

In the workforce, there has been an increase of women holding high ranking positions. This has made the study of occupational stress and its effect on them more important. Not only do women have different causes of their stress, but they also experience different consequences from that stress. Since women experience occupational stress differently, it is important to find specific coping techniques that will be beneficial for them. There are many different types of coping techniques and interventions that have been shown to be successful for women. Some of these techniques include Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, stress management interventions, exercise, and leisure activities. These techniques should become more common within businesses in order to increase employees’ wellbeing, which will also help to improve productivity and efficiency. More research should be conducted on these techniques and how they specifically affect women. Research also needs to be conducted to discover the best ways to implement these techniques into the workforce.


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