Detour into Disconnection: An Examination of the York Railways Company’s Impact on Community Connection Public

This thesis examines the role of the York Railways Company’s trolley system played in providing the last option of the public realm to citizens in York County. The public realm and public places are completely disregarded in most places in the United States; however, these are the places that are integral in the social development and community connectedness. If the social need for connection is not met, a feeling of disconnectedness thrives. York City was once the central hub of industry and transportation in Pennsylvania. However, a century later York City is a shell of its former self. What happened? Examining the abandonment of the trolley system in correlation with the downgrade of York’s overall impact, it is easy to see the lack of communal connection. This disconnectedness manifests in an overall ambivalence towards the former booming and culturally significant downtown.


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