Does Using a Long-acting Injectable (LAI) Antipsychotic Medication, Compared With By-mouth (PO) Antipsychotic Medication Promote Medication Adherence and Prevent Relapse/Re-hospitalization in 18-60 Year-old Patients Diagnosed With a Schizophrenia Spectrum Disorder, in the 6 Months Following Hospitalization? Public

A systematic review of the literature, including both quantitative and qualitative studies yields that using a long-acting injectable (LAI) antipsychotic medication, as compared with using a by mouth (PO) antipsychotic medication, can decrease relapse and re-hospitalization in patients diagnosed on the schizophrenia spectrum. Soon to be released APA guidelines are recommend using LAI medications for patients who struggle with medication adherence or who prefer the use of LAI medications. Barriers encountered are both on the part of patients and prescribers and need to be overcome to address this issue. Using LAI antipsychotics can enhance patient quality of life and reduce costs by decreasing relapse and re-hospitalization.