Chr3_FB_SnpTable.tsv - SNP Table for Chromosome 3 of Drosophila pseudoobscura, A total of 54 strains plus one D. miranda outgroup species. First line is the header for the file. Public

This file contains SNPs for 54 strains of Drosophila pseudoobscura and one strain of Drosophila miranda. The first line is the column header for the file where the first column is the position of the SNP in chromosome three of the version 3.0 assembly of Drosophila pseudoobscura. The remaining columns are the 54 D. pseudoobscura strains and the D. miranda strain. The gene arrangements are: AR, Arrowhead; ST, Standard; PP, Pikes Peak; CH, Chiricahua, TL, Tree Line, and CU, Cuernavaca.


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