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Analysis scripts and behavioral data for Experiments 1-3 in Callahan-Flintoft & Wyble (2017).


Here is the EEG and behavioral data as well as the analysis scripts for

Callahan-Flintoft, C., & Wyble, B. (2017). Non-singleton colors are not attended faster than
categories, but they are encoded faster: A combined approach of behavior, modeling and ERPs.
Vision research, 140, 106-119.

Analysis for Exp1 and Exp2 are combined in one directory and Exp3 in separate one but the
naming convention of the analysis files are the same.

--FirstStepAnalysis.m will call batcherp.m and to epoch and remove trials with artifacts. This
script will produce the masterdata file which is called in all other EEG analysis scripts

--GetGoodSubList will get you a list of subs that had enough trials to be included in analysis
so that your behavioral and EEG sample is the same

--The scripts "ANOVAbetweenExpsonSwaps.m" and "ANOVAofBehavioralDataAccDiffs.m" will run the
analysis on swaps and accuracy differences respectively.

--LatencyAnalysisN2pcnP3Pooled_50percentPeak will do the latency analysis on both the N2pc and
P3 components

--plotsContraIpsibothexppooled and PlotsN2pcBothexpspooled will give you the figures from the paper

Any questions, feel free to email Chloe at

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