VI. Palomar Schmidt Field centered on Selected Area 82 (1990) Public

Starlike objects with both blue and ultraviolet excess have been selected from a seventh Palomar 1.2 m Schmidt field centered on Kapteyn Selected Area 82, at high galactic latitude. Objects having color excesses greater than halo F and G subdwarfs are listed to magnitude B = 16.9. The sample is complete to that magnitude, within the limits imposed by photometric error and the method of selection. The primary goal of this work is to increase areal coverage of the combined surveys of this series at the brighter limits, in order to improve the number-count statistics there. Color classes, color subclasses, approximate positions, and B magnitudes are listed for 22 objects whose colors suggest that they are not F or G subdwarf stars. The spectroscopic sample of the bluest (CC1) objects is complete to B = 16.5 mag over 24.85 sq deg: it contains no new quasars, but three new white dwarf stars are reported. The results are briefly discussed.

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