Signorella & Frieze (2008). Interrelations of Gender Schemas in Children and Adolescents: Attitudes, Preferences, and Self Perceptions. Social Behavior and Personality, vol. 36. Public

To test developmental aspects of gender schema theories, girls in grades 2 to 12 were given measures of gender role attitudes, self perceptions on gender related traits, reported participation in gender related activities, preferred occupation, and adult family preferences. Both children’s and adolescents’ results showed a multifactor structure. Children’s results differed from adolescents’ in that children had more measures showing significant age trends, with a general pattern of decreasing stereotyping with age. Children also had stronger associations among diverse measures than did adolescents. Results were consistent with both multifactorial and cognitive-developmental approaches to the development of gender schemas, and provided limited support for adolescent gender intensification hypotheses.


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