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A librarian and earth sciences professor teamed up to help students find useful, current news sources that they could then map to the national Ocean Literacy Principles, a document written for learners of all ages to understand essential principles and fundamental concepts about our global ocean. A secondary goal of the collaboration was to improve students’ fluency with news resources and ability to generate an annotated bibliography. The earth sciences faculty member required all students to use Zotero, a free online citation management tool created by the Center for History and New Media at George Mason University. Students were required to share their Zotero libraries with their professor so she could monitor their progress throughout the semester. What students did not realize initially was that their individual Zotero libraries would serve as the source of their final examination. In order to get students up and running with Zotero, they attended two hands-on computer laboratory sessions led by librarians. The sessions also focused on teaching students to evaluate news sources according to a set of agreed-upon criteria defined by the CRAP test. This presentation will detail the collaboration between the science and library faculty, the successes and challenges students faced with the technology, how the Zotero sources served as the foundation for a cumulative take-home final exam, feedback from the students, and modifications made for a different earth sciences course the following semester. The speakers will exchange ideas with audience members in how to adopt this assignment to other disciplines/projects.


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