Effects of Race Volume 1 Chapter Seven: An informational taxonomy of race-ideation Public

Effects of Race Vol 1. Chapt.7 Supplental Figures

The analysis is presented as a series of figures but see text in book for explanations. These figures are supplemented in much greater detail as on-line supplemental figures, because in print reproduction, only abbreviated versions of the figures could be presented. The figures are all interconnected and cross reference one another in ways that are not capable of representation in a two dimensional graphic. The analysis of the figures is broadly hierarchical and will be referred to by a numerical key. Although there is no strict hierarchy, in the figure design the ideas are presented as either mostly dichotomous divisions or sometimes as polytomous entities (where an item might be in represented more than once, as is the case with any incompletely resolved taxonomy). There is a brief discussion of the figures but there is much more information presented in the on-line charts than in the textual descriptive analysis. There are two examples of how the analysis of complex ideas can be assembled to look at the development of a particular manifestation of race thinking. These are for Institutional Racism and Racialized Medicine.


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