Centre County Area Architecture Listing Public

This resource consists of two parts: the Listing and an accompanying READ ME file. The Listing is provide both as an Excel spreadsheet and an identical coma separated values file (.csv) The READ ME file contains a description of the methods, the bibliographical abbreviations used, and definitions of the data elements. The READ ME file is provide as a Word file (.docx) and an identical text file (.txt).

This dataset contains entries on the construction and alteration of roughly 400 structures described in texts on the architecture of Centre County, Pennsylvania. The entries primarily cover historical structures and typically include the names of designers, builders, clients, and owners as well as dates, addresses and descriptions for each structure. This information is intended to serve two purposes: 1) A dataset surveying significant buildings in the region, and 2) a bibliographic index that may be used to identify publications containing information on a specific building or structure. Researchers may use these files as a data set to analyze larger patterns in the built environment of Centre County by looking at change over time or the networks between architects and builders for example. Those conducting research on architecture in the area may also find the information useful as a reference tool, given the sometimes dispersed nature of sources on local architecture.


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