Commercial Gluten Digestive Enzymes Have Lower Proteolytic Activity than Pure Dipeptidyl Peptidase (DPP-IV) Enzyme Public

This study is aimed to compare the dipeptidyl peptidase activity of commercial gluten detoxifying enzyme supplements with well characterized proline cutting enzyme, dipeptidyl peptidase, DPP-IV. The gastrointestinal proteases are unable to fully degrade these proline-rich molecules resulting in number of gluten related disorders including wheat allergy and celiac disease. Commercial enzyme blends are available to aid in gluten degradation. Whether or not these enzyme blends are effective in degrading gluten is essentially unknown. Here we investigate the proteolytic activity of three such enzyme supplements in comparison with pure enzyme, DPP-IV. The results show that in contrast to DPP-IV, the activity of the commercial supplements is significantly low.


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