A Study of Women in the Media of the Dominican Republic - References Public

This study indicates that in the Dominican Republic there are male chauvinist behaviors that follow the patriarchal theory, where women are discriminated against and misrepresented. This study explores two social structures of the patriarchal theory that according to Sylvia Walby(1989), help to make sense of the gender inequalities reflected in the media of Dominican Republic. These social structures are the patriarchal nature of society in the Dominican Republic and the gender inequalities at the economic level. I explore one of the most popular channels in the Dominican Republic and observe how their female hosts, communicators, and journalists are represented, following the stereotype that women are "the pretty face" of programs and Tv shows, and for sexist reasons in the media, their appearance is worth more than their intellect. I investigate how the factors of racial tensions and physical beauty based on European ethnocentrism can result in racism against female communicators with African descent more marked than others (Brown 3). In this study it is indicated how the women hosts, communicators, and journalists for the most part, do not respond to the reality of the women who live in the Dominican Republic.


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