The Representation of Companies’ Sustainability Practices for the United States and India Public

In this study, we examined the similarities between the sustainability reports of 15 multinationals on the 2016 Corporate Knight’s Global 100 list with a presence in both the United States and India: BMW, Adidas, Reckitt Benckiser Group, Coca-Cola Enterprises, L’Oreal, Novo Nordisk, H&M Hennes& Mauritz, KoninklijkePhilips, Diageo, Intel, Kering, LG Electronics, ING Group, Unilever, and Daimler. So, we recorded how many times the information on the sustainability sections of their websites fit each of the 5 categories from the 2014 Greendex study: food source and consumption, transportation, energy use, waste disposal, and purchase of environmentally friendly products. We found that the percentages of the amount of information for each of the 5 categories from the 2014 Greendex study were the same for the 15 companies’ websites in both the United States and India. We also discovered that waste disposal and the environmentally friendly products categories were discussed the most, followed by energy use. Food source and consumption, and transportation, were mentioned the least. Finally, many companies only had one general corporate website. It is important that companies start to take a more multi-national approach and create different websites for each country, so that they can tailor the sustainability information that they release to their specific consumers.


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