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A continuation and replication exploring attitudes and behaviors regarding food waste on a much larger population sample. Pre and post intervention surveys were carried out using a sample of 405 participants. Data collected in pre-test online surveys before the intervention, allowed for establishment of a baseline on participant’s misconceptions, attitudes and behaviors. The intervention (informational video) provided participants with educational content on food waste, date labels, and alternatives to reduce food waste. A post-intervention online survey was done to measure participants’ affected attitudes and conceptions on date labeling, food waste behaviors, and dumpster diving. The pre-test results showed that participants have had significant misconceptions on food date labels, negative attitudes towards dumpster diving, and unaware of their own waste behaviors. Also post-test results showed a significant increase in knowledge and intended behaviors after viewing the education video. This indicates the potential for educational videos/interventions as a way to educate outside of educational institutions.

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