Profiles in Science for Science Libraries: "Now We Are All Sons of Bitches!": The Atomic Life of Kenneth Bainbridge - PREPUBLICATION VERSION Public

Kenneth Bainbridge was one of numerous physicists working from 1943 to 1945 on the creation of the atomic bombs for the Manhattan Project. However, unlike the many other physicists at Los Alamos, New Mexico who worked on their atomic theories on paper, Bainbridge was an engineer and he was placed in charge of the actual “Trinity” test – to make the bomb into reality. Much of the success of launching the world into the atomic age was his. However today, he is almost completely forgotten. This article is a reintroduction of the many accomplishments of this man and of his seven-word expletive. This article was published in SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY LIBRARIES (2014), 33:3, 203-212. [Taylor & Francis]


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