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  1. Welker_2013-CahalPechPlazaBFaunal-Final.docx

    Resource Type: Report
    Creator: Welker, Martin H
    Keyword: Maya, Cahal Pech, Plaza B, Animal Bone, and Zooarchaeology
    Object Type: GenericWork
    Date Uploaded: 2017-11-30T16:10:33Z
  2. review of David Finkelstein et al., An Introduction to Book History (2nd edn., Routledge, 2013).doc

    Resource Type: Other
    Creator: Sanford G. Thatcher
    Keyword: book history
    Subject: Book history
    Language: English
    Location: UK
    Publisher: Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers (ALPSP)
    Object Type: GenericWork
    Date Uploaded: 2014-01-05T06:09:55Z
  3. Kocis_AC Forum_Phoenix_AZ_Poster_84x42tan _May 2013_dated 04_23_2013_FINAL.pdf

    Resource Type: Poster
    Creator: Kocis, Paul
    Keyword: i-STAT, STAGO, POC, warfarin, Point of Care, CA-1500, and INR
    Object Type: GenericWork
    Date Uploaded: 2016-08-25T01:36:58Z
  4. review of Robert Spoo, Without Copyrights (Oxford, 2013)

    Resource Type: Other
    Creator: Thatcher, Sanford Gray
    Keyword: James Joyce, copyright, Samuel Roth, Ezra Pound, and public domain
    Subject: copyright and public domain
    Language: English
    Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    Publisher: University of Toronto Press
    Object Type: GenericWork
    Date Uploaded: 2015-11-24T18:43:00Z
  5. Cahal Pech Plaza B Faunal Analysis

    Keyword: Cahal Pech, Animal Bone, Belize, and Zooarchaeology
    Object Type: Collection
  6. CahalPech_Plaza_B_Faunal_Analysis_Final.xlsx

    Resource Type: Dataset
    Creator: Ebert, Claire, Welker, Martin H, and Peniche May, Nancy
    Keyword: Maya, Cahal Pech, Archaeology, Animal Bone, and Zooarchaeology
    Object Type: GenericWork
    Date Uploaded: 2017-11-30T15:58:26Z
  7. Hurray for Fermat and Wiles!: A Bibliographic Essay on the Modern Literature Pertaining to Arguably the World's Most Famous Unsolved (until May 1995) Mathematical Theorem - PREPUBLICATION VERSION

    Resource Type: Article
    Creator: Masuchika, Glenn
    Keyword: Bibliographic Literature, Mathematics, Fermat's Last Theorem, Pierre de Fermat, Andrew Wiles
    Publisher: American Library Association
    Object Type: GenericWork
    Date Uploaded: 2016-03-02T17:05:57Z
  8. ScholarSphere: What It Is and What It Can Do for Students

    Resource Type: Presentation
    Creator: Hswe, Patricia
    Keyword: repository services, , student scholarship, and online professional presence
    Subject: Digital preservation and
    Language: English
    Location: University Park, Pennsylvania, United States
    Publisher: Pennsylvania State University LIbraries
    Object Type: GenericWork
    Date Uploaded: 2013-05-29T22:19:16Z
  9. Why So Contrived? Fourth Amendment Balancing, Per Se Rules, and DNA Databases After Maryland v. King

    Resource Type: Article
    Creator: David Kaye
    Keyword: DNA databases, arrest, Fourth Amendment, search or seizure, Maryland v. King, biometric identification
    Subject: Constitutionality of collecting DNA from arrestees
    Language: English
    Object Type: GenericWork
    Date Uploaded: 2014-09-30T12:50:39Z
  10. Energy expenditure during barbiturate coma

    Resource Type: Article
    Creator: David C Frankenfield and Christine M. Ashcraft
    Keyword: energy metabolism, critical illness, Barbiturate coma, nutritional support, and Penn State Hershey Nursing
    Subject: barbiturate coma, nutritional support, and Energy metabolism
    Object Type: GenericWork
    Date Uploaded: 2013-11-18T19:07:29Z