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  1. Collaborating on Curation

    Resource Type: Presentation
    Creator: Hswe, Patricia
    Keyword: research use cases, use cases, collaboration, research data, and data curation
    Language: English
    Location: Anaheim, California, United States
    Publisher: The Pennsylvania State University Libraries
    Object Type: GenericWork
    Date Uploaded: 2013-03-09T20:43:36Z
  2. Aligning Special Collections with the Institutional Mission

    Resource Type: Presentation
    Creator: Pyatt, Timothy D.
    Keyword: Assessment, OCLC, Collection development, and Special Collections
    Language: English
    Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
    Object Type: GenericWork
    Date Uploaded: 2012-09-26T18:34:18Z
  3. Report: Nanjing University – Penn State Trip

    Resource Type: Report
    Creator: Barbara I. Dewey
    Keyword: library collaboration and Nanjing
    Object Type: GenericWork
    Date Uploaded: 2012-09-20T16:29:53Z
  4. Raw data from Fig 3 in C. A. Hasenkopf et al. Atmos. Environ. 2016, accepted.

    Resource Type: Dataset
    Creator: National Air Quality Agency of Mongolia
    Keyword: Mongolia, Air pollution, and Meteorological data
    Subject: Air quality in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia in June 2012 - February 2013
    Language: English
    Object Type: GenericWork
    Date Uploaded: 2016-05-24T15:43:15Z
  5. Integrating the Insitute of Medicine Future of Nursing Report into the American Association of Neuroscience Nurses Strategic Plan

    Resource Type: Article and
    Creator: Nancy Villanueva, Joanne V. Hickey, Janice L. Hinkle, and Cindy Sullivan
    Keyword: Institute of Medicine Future of Nursing, Penn State Hershey Nursing, and Neuroscience
    Subject: Future of Nursing Report and Neuroscience nursing
    Object Type: GenericWork
    Date Uploaded: 2013-11-25T19:52:37Z
  6. Improving New Graduate Nurse Competency: A Research Study to Examine the Effects of Didactic and Simulation Learning on Critical Thinking Ability - Preliminary Results

    Resource Type: and Poster
    Creator: Mary Louise Kanaskie, MS, RN, Victoria Schirm, PhD, RN, Sally Rudy, MSN, RN, Eileen Westley-Hetrick, MSN, RN, Elizabeth Sinz, MD, Kelly Rotondo, MSN, RN, and Susan A. Walsh, MN, RN, CCRN
    Keyword: Simulation Learning, Penn State Hershey Nursing, and Graduate Nurse
    Subject: Simulation Learning and Graduate Nurses
    Object Type: GenericWork
    Date Uploaded: 2013-11-22T18:31:22Z
  7. Implementation of an Electronic Palliative Care Screening Tool

    Resource Type: and Poster
    Creator: Margaret Kreher, MD, Amy Cutman, BSN, RN, Elaine Davis, BSN, RN, and Cheri West, MS, RN
    Keyword: Clinical Practice and Technology, Palliative Care, Electronic Screening Tool, and Penn State Hershey Nursing
    Subject: Clinical Practice and Technology and Palliative Care
    Object Type: GenericWork
    Date Uploaded: 2013-11-18T20:40:37Z