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  1. ICIK E-News

    Creator: ICIK
    Object Type: Collection
  2. JASIST Submission 2

    Creator: Daniel M. Coughlin
    Object Type: Collection
  3. Lower Williams Fork Formation lidar data

    Creator: Chamberlin, Ellen
    Object Type: Collection
  4. ScholarSphere Promotional Materials

    Creator: Hswe, Patricia
    Object Type: Collection
  5. Callahan-Flintoft, C., & Wyble, B. (2017). Non-singleton colors are not attended faster than categories, but they are encoded faster: A combined approach of behavior, modeling and ERPs. Vision research, 140, 106-119.

    Creator: Brad Wyble and CHLOE CALLAHAN-FLINTOFT
    Keyword: Attention
    Object Type: Collection
  6. Earth and Mineral Sciences newsletter

    Creator: College of Earth and Mineral Sciences
    Keyword: Mineral Industries and Earth and Mineral Sciences
    Object Type: Collection
  7. Laser Induced Fluorescence (LIF) Nondestructive Evaluation of Incipient Heat Damage in Polymer Matrix Composites, A2476 and Dataset

    Creator: Daniel W. Merdes, Christopher M. Bowie, and Clark A. Moose
    Object Type: Collection
  8. Marital Instability Over the LIfe Course (MARITAL)

    Creator: Alan Booth, Alan Booth, and Paul Amato
    Object Type: Collection
  9. NHANES 2011 Laboratory

    Creator: CDC
    Object Type: Collection
  10. AACH Medical Encounter Articles

    Creator: Paul Haidet, Editor
    Object Type: Collection