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  1. Data from Attar and Santy

    Creator: Santy, Lorraine
    Object Type: Collection
  2. Maya Collapse Radiocarbon

    Keyword: Archaeology, Radiocarbon Dating, Belize Archaeology, Ancient Maya, Climate Change, and Classic Maya Collapse
    Object Type: Collection
  3. Sabbatical Research

    Object Type: Collection
  4. PAGS Progress Reports

    Object Type: Collection
  5. Arolla Glacier Timelapse

    Resource Type: Map or Cartographic Material and Image
    Creator: Ken Mankoff
    Keyword: Switzerland, Glacier, Arolla, and Timelapse
    Location: Haut Glacier d'Arolla, Valais, Switzerland
    Object Type: Collection
  6. Index to Historical Building and Zoning Permit Records of the Borough of State College

    Creator: Architecture and Landscape Architecture Library, Pennsylvania State University; Planning & Zoning Divisions of the Borough of State College, Pennsylvania
    Object Type: Collection
  7. Blood Falls Survey

    Keyword: Antarctica and Blood Falls
    Object Type: Collection
  8. Alignment and sequence data for Aye-aye echolocation paper (NCBI BioProject PRJNA317769)

    Creator: Richard J Bankoff
    Object Type: Collection
  9. Soil Properties and Class 100m Grids United States

    Creator: Tomislav Hengl, Sharon Waltman, Skye Wills, James Thompson, Colby Brungard, Amanda Ramcharan, and Travis Nauman
    Object Type: Collection
  10. Hansbreen 2016

    Keyword: Svalbard and Hansbreen
    Object Type: Collection