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  1. Toward an Open Monograph Ecosystem (TOME)

    Creator: Cynthia Vitale and Ally Laird
    Keyword: TOME and open access
    Object Type: Collection
  2. 2018 Proceedings of the Penn State Dairy Cattle Nutrition Workshop

    Keyword: diet formulation, reproduction, immunity, dairy cattle, dcad, communication, dry cow, precision dairy, facilities, mycotoxin, dairy industry, alfalfa, nutrition, milk fat depression, benchmarking, balance sheet, mold, nutrition model, metabolic disease, uterine disease, cash flow, electrolyte, transition cow, automatic milking system, milk composition, vitamin, heifer, amino acid, forage analysis, milk quality, small grain, neutral detergent fiber, pcdart, milk urea nitrogen, farm size, silage fermentation, probiotic, rumination, farm safety, starch, selective therapy, dairy nutrition, hypocalcemia, cow, robotic milking, dairy, antibiotic stewardship, financial statement, and low protein
    Object Type: Collection
  3. Harrell Health Sciences Library

    Creator: Amy Herr and Amy Knehans
    Object Type: Collection
  4. Matlab code for calculating the compensation statistic

    Creator: Trampush, Sheila
    Object Type: Collection
  5. Bibliography of Pennsylvania’s Agriculture and Rural Life 1820-1945

    Creator: Helen Smith, Noelene Martin, and L. Suzanne Kellerman
    Object Type: Collection
  6. Data set for Chen, Swan & Wyble, 2016

    Creator: Brad Wyble
    Object Type: Collection
  7. Cahal Pech, Belize

    Creator: CLAIRE E EBERT
    Keyword: Ancient Maya, pXRF, INAA, Radiocarbon
    Object Type: Collection
  8. 653 Creation from PSU Thesis Keywords

    Creator: Robinson, Ken
    Object Type: Collection
  9. Pennsylvania Perspectives on the 2016 U.S. Election Tweet IDs

    Creator: Pennsylvania State University Libraries
    Object Type: Collection
  10. Privacy Literacy

    Creator: Sarah Hartman-Caverly and Alexandria Edyn Chisholm
    Keyword: LIS, intellectual freedom, pedagogy, instruction, library and information science, information literacy, privacy literacy, and privacy
    Subject: Library science, Information literacy, ethics, Privacy, and Intellectual freedom
    Object Type: Collection
  11. Penn State Libraries UX Cafe

    Keyword: usability, user testing, and user experience
    Object Type: Collection
  12. 2019 Dairy Cattle Nutrition Workshop Proceedings

    Creator: COLEEN JONES
    Keyword: dairy nutrition, dairy cattle, stress, heat stress, social stress, dairy industry, change management, change, exogenous enzyme, vaccination, forage analysis, fiber chemistry, amino acid, starch assay, ndfd, physically effective fiber, circadian rhythm, materinity pen, mineral, vitamin, calf feed, particle size, digestibility, sexed semen, heifer management, heifer cost, dairy beef, photoperiod, health, sugar, starch, risk management, fresh cow, heifer, calf, home raised feed, mycotoxin, milk fatty acid, crossbred, components, microbiome, overcrowding, time budget, rumen health, rumen development, annual forage, labor management, corn silage
    Object Type: Collection
  13. Gibbon phylogeny

    Creator: XUEYUAN JIANG
    Keyword: gibbon
    Object Type: Collection
  14. Timber Rattlesnake Radio Transmitter Surgery

    Keyword: Timber Rattlesnake, Rattlesnake, Radio Transmitter Surgery, and Transmitter Implantation
    Object Type: Collection
  15. Supplementary Material for: Fungal Solutions to Parasitizing Ant Societies

    Creator: Natalie Imirzian
    Keyword: social insect, zombie ants, parasite manipulation, fungal entomopathogen, and Ophiocordyceps
    Object Type: Collection
  16. Methodology Center: Software Tools

    Creator: The Methodology Center, Penn State
    Keyword: just-in-time adaptive intervention (JITAI), latent class analysis (LCA), Stata, experimental design, micro-randomized trial (MRT) , Health and Human Development, SAS, latent transition analysis (LTA), data analysis, multiphase optimization strategy (MOST), sequential, multiple assignment, randomized trial (SMART), and time-varying effect model (TVEM)
    Object Type: Collection
  17. Oxyfuel ion currents

    Creator: Chris Martin
    Keyword: cutting, oxyfuel, Langmuir, plasma, and ion current
    Object Type: Collection
  18. Nathan Tallman's Scholarly Works

    Creator: Nathan Tallman
    Keyword: Digital Collections and Digital Preservation
    Object Type: Collection
  19. Data Archive for Evolutionary history of the third chromosome gene arrangements of Drosophila pseudoobscura inferred from inversion breakpoints (Journal: MBE) and Molecular Population Genetics of Inversion Breakpoint Regions in Drosophila pseudoobscura (Journal: G3)

    Keyword: Drosophila pseudoobscura, chromosomal rearrangements, polytene chromosomes, inversions, population genetics
    Object Type: Collection
  20. Shakespeare and Astronomy (1995 -- )

    Resource Type: Research Paper
    Creator: Peter D. Usher
    Keyword: telescope, Shakespeare, stars, Giordano Bruno, heliocentricism, planets, Sun, cosmology, geocentricism, Leonard Digges, Nicholas Copernicus, Claudius Ptolemy, Astronomy, seventeenth century, sixteenth century, Science, Early Modern Age, Moon, Thomas Harriot, Tycho Brahe, Hamlet, infinite Universe, Thomas Digges, and Galileo Galilei
    Object Type: Collection
  21. DNP Scholarly Paper

    Creator: ROBERT E BOESCH
    Keyword: DNP Scholarly Paper
    Object Type: Collection
  22. University Libraries Undergraduate Research Award: Excellence in Information Literacy Winners, Spring 2019

    Creator: Hailley Fargo
    Keyword: posters, information literacy , undergraduate research, Penn State University Libraries, and undergraduate research exhibition 2019
    Object Type: Collection
  23. Wastewater Management Committee

    Creator: David Michael Swisher
    Keyword: Wastewater Management Committee, Living Filter, Land Application, Spray Irrigation, Water Reuse, Water Recycling, Water Conservation
    Object Type: Collection
  24. Google Scholar Data

    Creator: JOHN MEIER
    Keyword: empirical, comparison, and database
    Object Type: Collection
  25. A Photographic Catalog of Ceraphronoidea Types at the Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris (MNHN), with comments on unpublished notes from Paul Dessart

    Creator: Carolyn Trietsch, Andrew Robert Deans, and István MIkó
    Keyword: Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle, museum, photographic catalog, Entomology, type specimens, insect, microhymenoptera, Megaspilidae, Ceraphronidae, brightfield imaging, and Ceraphronoidea
    Object Type: Collection
  26. Teotihuacan Ceremonial Core

    Creator: Andrés G. Mejía Ramón and Christian L. John
    Keyword: Aerial Imagery, Teotihuacan, Archaeology, Digital Elevation Model, Multispectral, and Remote Sensing
    Object Type: Collection
  27. Open Repositories 2019

    Keyword: open access
    Object Type: Collection
  28. Gentil et al _Aztec-Tlaxcala Economic Interaction

    Creator: BIANCA GENTIL
    Keyword: XRF Geochemical sourcing, AMS radiocarbon dates, archaeology, Tlaxcala, Aztec, Mexico, ancient economy
    Object Type: Collection
  29. Protocols

    Creator: THOMAS E SPRATT
    Keyword: DNA isolation protocol
    Object Type: Collection
  30. Blood Falls Survey

    Keyword: Blood Falls and Antarctica
    Object Type: Collection
  31. Penn State Mont Alto 2020 Academic Festival

    Keyword: Penn State Mont Alto Academic Festival and Undergraduate Research
    Publisher: Penn State Mont Alto
    Object Type: Collection
  32. Data and Software Archive for Genomics of Natural Populations: Evolutionary Forces that Establish and Maintain Gene Arrangements in Drosophila pseudoobscura to appear in Molecular Ecology

    Keyword: Drosophila pseudoobscura, chromosomal rearrangements, polytene chromosomes, inversions, population genetics
    Object Type: Collection
  33. Data for BHT paper

    Creator: BROOKE KUEI and Enrique D. Gomez
    Keyword: Beam damage, Conjugated polymers, and TEM
    Object Type: Collection
  34. Test Collection

    Keyword: test and mont alto
    Object Type: Collection
  35. Penn State Zooarchaeology Laboratory

    Keyword: zooarchaeology; prehistory; archaeology; faunal data
    Object Type: Collection
  36. Single Nucleotide Control of tRNA Folding Cooperativity Under Near-Cellular Conditions

    Creator: Philip Bevilacqua and Ryota Yamagami
    Keyword: tRNA folding
    Object Type: Collection
  37. Computer Code for "How chromosomal rearrangements shape adaptation and speciation in Drosophila" to appear in Molecular Ecology

    Keyword: Drosophila pseudoobscura, chromosomal rearrangements, polytene chromosomes, inversions, population genetics
    Object Type: Collection
  38. Down to Earth

    Creator: LINDA MUSSER
    Keyword: College of Earth and Mineral Sciences, staff
    Object Type: Collection
  39. University Libraries Undergraduate Research Award: Excellence in Information Literacy Winners

    Creator: Hailley Fargo
    Keyword: information literacy, Penn State Libraries, and undergraduate research
    Object Type: Collection
  40. Enterprise Architecture practice in Nigeria

    Creator: MFON INWANG
    Keyword: Government, Nigeria, Enterprise Architecture, Public Sector, and Project Selection
    Object Type: Collection
  41. Experimental Lithium Facility

    Creator: Christopher J Greer
    Keyword: carbon dioxide, Lithium combustion, and batch reactor
    Object Type: Collection
  42. Time-varying effect models for ordinal responses with applications in substance abuse research

    Creator: JOHN DZIAK
    Keyword: longitudinal, semiparametric, ordinal
    Object Type: Collection
  43. Early Detection of Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis infection in cattle with multiplex-bead based immunoassays

    Resource Type: Dataset
    Creator: Kapur, Vivek, Li, Lingling, and Katani, Robab
    Keyword: Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis (MAP), Johne's disease (JD), Bead-based multiplex, recombinant MAP proteins, detection of early MAP infection, immunoassays
    Object Type: GenericWork
  44. Selection and Appraisal for Digital Preservation

    Creator: Nathan Tallman and Lauren Work
    Keyword: collection management, selection, appraisal, and digital preservation
    Object Type: Collection
  45. Music and Language

    Keyword: lexical tone, pitch, perception, aural skills, learning, melody, language, and music
    Object Type: Collection
  46. Acoustics and Transduction Files for Modeling with Simscape

    Keyword: acoustic system modeling, Simscape, multidomain modeling
    Object Type: Collection
  47. Reports on perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances. (PFAS) at Keystone Sanitary Landfill (KSL) and Fell Township Pioneer Aggregate sites

    Keyword: Pioneer Aggregates, PADEP, PFOS, PFOA, Forever Chemicals, perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances. , residual waste, Keystone Landfill, municipal waste, Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, Fell township, Dunmore Borough, PFAS, and reports
    Object Type: Collection
  48. Topic modeling data for research data management and data curation abstracts

    Creator: Cynthia Vitale
    Keyword: topic modeling, research data management, and data curation
    Object Type: Collection
  49. Altar de Sacrificios and Grupo Frontera. Topographic and Color Orthoimage Dataset

    Creator: Andrés G. Mejía Ramón, Jessica L. Munson, and Lorena Paiz Aragón
    Keyword: Archaeology, Maya, Remote Sensing, and Altar de Sacrificios
    Object Type: Collection
  50. Centre County's Historic Farmsteads: Faunal Data From Penn State Archaeological Field Schools (2006-2009, 2015-2016)

    Keyword: Farmstead Archaeology, Zooarchaeology, Historical Archaeology, and Skeletal Morphometrics
    Object Type: Collection