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  1. The fast and superprocessive KIF1A predominately resides in a vulnerable one-head-bound state during its chemomechanical cycle

    Resource Type: Article
    Creator: Taylor Zaniewski and William O Hancock
    Keyword: microscopy, kinesin-3, kinetics, kinesin, and stopped flow
    Object Type: GenericWork
    Date Uploaded: 2020-09-18T15:36:19Z
  2. An Energy Closure Criterion for Model Reduction of a Kicked Euler-Bernoulli Beam

    Resource Type: Article
    Creator: Suparno Bhattacharyya
    Keyword: structural vibrations, dynamical systems, reduced order model (ROM), model order reduction, energy closure analysis, and proper orthogonal decomposition (POD)
    Object Type: GenericWork
    Date Uploaded: 2020-09-12T02:02:50Z
  3. Analog circuit model for loudspeakers including eddy current behavior and suitable for time domain simulation

    Resource Type: Article
    Creator: STEPHEN C THOMPSON and Danmiel M. Warren
    Keyword: semi-inductance and eddy current
    Object Type: GenericWork
    Date Uploaded: 2020-09-09T19:46:21Z
  4. Social Isolation in An Epidemic: Reconciling the Needs of Older Adults with the Exigencies of Social Distancing

    Resource Type: Article
    Keyword: Coronavirus, Elders, Mental Health, Pandemic, Isolation, and COVID-19
    Language: English
    Object Type: GenericWork
    Date Uploaded: 2020-08-18T17:59:43Z
  5. run1_9_0.00015_30_0.0005ac.mat

    Resource Type: Article
    Creator: David Chas Bolton
    Keyword: Catalog; p5388
    Object Type: GenericWork
    Date Uploaded: 2020-08-17T16:24:05Z
  6. Geosciences_Theses_Completed_List.xlsx

    Resource Type: Article
    Creator: AARON W PROCIOUS and Earth and Mineral Sciences Library
    Keyword: Geosciences, Dissertation, and Thesis
    Object Type: GenericWork
    Date Uploaded: 2020-08-14T14:42:49Z
  7. Data for: Altering the Mechanical Load Environment during Growth does not affect Adult Achilles Tendon Properties in an Avian Bipedal Model

    Resource Type: Article
    Creator: Jonas Rubenson and Kavya Katugam
    Keyword: Tendon, Growth, stiffness, modulus, development
    Object Type: GenericWork
    Date Uploaded: 2020-08-11T11:31:08Z
  8. Appendix A: A Snapshot of OER Adoption in Engineering Mechanics Courses

    Resource Type: Article
    Creator: Thomas Reinsfelder and Jacob Moore
    Keyword: Open Educational Resources, OER, and Engineering Education
    Object Type: GenericWork
    Date Uploaded: 2020-08-05T14:57:58Z
  9. Variations on the Death of a Grandparent: An Analysis of Youth Memoir

    Resource Type: Article
    Creator: Jason J Griffith and Jocelyn Amevuvor
    Keyword: Writing, Curriculum English, Literacy and identity, Youth, English language arts, and Memoir
    Publisher: English Teaching: Practice and Critique
    Object Type: GenericWork
    Date Uploaded: 2020-07-30T20:30:35Z
  10. Transverse Young's modulus of carbon/glass hybrid fiber composites

    Resource Type: Article
    Creator: Ganesh Venkatesan, Maximilian J. Ripepi, and Charles E Bakis
    Keyword: hybrid composites, finite element analysis, Transverse Young's modulus, and micromechanics
    Publisher: Journal of Composite Materials
    Object Type: GenericWork
    Date Uploaded: 2020-07-27T19:33:37Z