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  1. Shakespeare and Astronomy (1995 -- )

    Resource Type: Research Paper
    Creator: Peter D. Usher
    Keyword: Hamlet, Nicholas Copernicus, cosmology, Moon, Sun, telescope, geocentricism, Shakespeare, seventeenth century, Tycho Brahe, sixteenth century, Galileo Galilei, Giordano Bruno, Thomas Digges, Astronomy, planets, Leonard Digges, infinite Universe, stars, heliocentricism, Early Modern Age, Claudius Ptolemy, Science, and Thomas Harriot
    Object Type: Collection
  2. S. C. Thompson JASA articles

    Resource Type: Article
    Keyword: JASA
    Object Type: Collection
  3. Modeling of Sonar Transducers and Arrays

    Creator: STEPHEN THOMPSON, George W. Benthien, and Stephen Hobbs
    Keyword: sonar transducer array modeling and mutual impedance analysis
    Object Type: Collection
  4. Textile Machine Works

    Object Type: Collection