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  1. Toward an Open Monograph Ecosystem (TOME)

    Creator: Cynthia Vitale and Ally Laird
    Keyword: TOME and open access
    Object Type: Collection
  2. 2018 Proceedings of the Penn State Dairy Cattle Nutrition Workshop

    Keyword: diet formulation, reproduction, immunity, dairy cattle, dcad, communication, dry cow, precision dairy, facilities, mycotoxin, dairy industry, alfalfa, nutrition, milk fat depression, benchmarking, balance sheet, mold, nutrition model, metabolic disease, uterine disease, cash flow, electrolyte, transition cow, automatic milking system, milk composition, vitamin, heifer, amino acid, forage analysis, milk quality, small grain, neutral detergent fiber, pcdart, milk urea nitrogen, farm size, silage fermentation, probiotic, rumination, farm safety, starch, selective therapy, dairy nutrition, hypocalcemia, cow, robotic milking, dairy, antibiotic stewardship, financial statement, and low protein
    Object Type: Collection
  3. Harrell Health Sciences Library

    Creator: Amy Herr and Amy Knehans
    Object Type: Collection
  4. Matlab code for calculating the compensation statistic

    Creator: Trampush, Sheila
    Object Type: Collection
  5. Bibliography of Pennsylvania’s Agriculture and Rural Life 1820-1945

    Creator: Helen Smith, Noelene Martin, and L. Suzanne Kellerman
    Object Type: Collection
  6. Data set for Chen, Swan & Wyble, 2016

    Creator: Brad Wyble
    Object Type: Collection
  7. Cahal Pech, Belize

    Creator: CLAIRE E EBERT
    Keyword: Ancient Maya, pXRF, INAA, Radiocarbon
    Object Type: Collection
  8. 653 Creation from PSU Thesis Keywords

    Creator: Robinson, Ken
    Object Type: Collection
  9. Pennsylvania Perspectives on the 2016 U.S. Election Tweet IDs

    Creator: Pennsylvania State University Libraries
    Object Type: Collection
  10. Privacy Literacy

    Creator: Sarah Hartman-Caverly and Alexandria Edyn Chisholm
    Keyword: LIS, intellectual freedom, pedagogy, instruction, library and information science, information literacy, privacy literacy, and privacy
    Subject: Library science, Information literacy, ethics, Privacy, and Intellectual freedom
    Object Type: Collection