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  1. Book History in Scarlet Letters: The Beginning and Growth of a College Yearbook During the Gilded Age

    Resource Type: Journal
    Creator: Bernadette A. Lear
    Keyword: Pennsylvania library history
    Subject: , New Jersey--History--1865-, College student newspapers and periodicals, and College yearbooks
    Language: English
    Location: New Brunswick, New Jersey, United States
    Object Type: GenericWork
    Date Uploaded: 2015-02-20T16:13:58Z
  2. Scholarly Monographs May Be the Ultimate Victims of the Upheavals in Trade Publishing

    Resource Type: Article
    Creator: Sanford G. Thatcher
    Keyword: trade publishing and scholarly monographs
    Subject: and University presses
    Language: English
    Location: Washington, D.C., United States
    Publisher: The Chronicle of Higher Education
    Object Type: GenericWork
    Date Uploaded: 2014-01-02T17:07:25Z