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  1. Christian Identity in the United States After September 11th, 2001: Christian Nationalism and the Alternative of Nonviolence

    Resource Type: Thesis
    Creator: Hey, Kyle Benett
    Keyword: Veteran Outreach, Nonviolence, Shane Claiborne, Christian, Violence, Yoder, 9/11, Pacifism, Christian Nationalism, Hauerwas, Iraq, Christian Peacemaker Teams, Christian Pacifism, September 11th, and Reconciliation
    Subject: History--21st century, Christianity, Nonviolence--Religious aspects--Christianity, Christianity and culture--History, Pacifism--Religious aspects--Christianity, Religion, Religion and civil society, Religion--21st century, Pacifism, Violence--Biblical teaching, Christianity--21st century, War, and Religion and culture--United States
    Language: English
    Location: United States
    Object Type: GenericWork
    Date Uploaded: 2016-04-27T23:16:39Z