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 Tracy Langkilde, Associate Professor, Biology

My research focuses on this interface between ecology and evolution. Particularly, I aim to understand how individuals interact with one another and their environment, and how responses to changes in the environment can shape these interactions. My work is mostly field based and focuses primarily on reptiles and amphibians. It incorporates aspects of population, community, behavioral, physiological and evolutionary ecology; employing experimental and comparative approaches, as well as molecular techniques, to test key hypotheses in four main areas: invasion, stress, competition, and reproductive strategies.

Why does Professor Langkilde use ScholarSphere?

ScholarSphere is a quick and easy way for me to make my research data accessible to the public. In addition to helping to move science forward, sharing data through a service such as ScholarSphere is a publication requirement of several scientific journals. 

For more about Professor Langkilde's research, check out her Penn State Department of Biology page and her Langkilde Lab home page. 



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